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The 5th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition opened at the Beijing International Exhibition Center today. This exhibition is the first international large-scale printing technology exhibition in the new century. The price difference between digital display and microcomputer controlled models is becoming smaller and smaller. More than 600 printing technology manufacturers from all over the world participated in this event, with a total exhibition area of 45000 square meters. In addition to the traditional printing technology, open the switch; In addition to the technology and product exhibition, the silk printing exhibition Xiangjian software description and printing boutique exhibition were also added to this exhibition, which has the largest scale, the largest number of exhibitors and the highest level since 1984. It fully demonstrates the advanced printing technology in the digital information age, expands the cooperation between China's printing and equipment industry and international peers, and creates a modern and efficient comprehensive service base and the most perfect comprehensive industrial chain trade headquarters base in China, aiming to promote the progress and development of the printing industry

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