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72m world's longest boom pump truck premieres at the French INTERMAT exhibition

72m world's longest boom pump truck premieres at the French INTERMAT exhibition

China Construction Machinery Information. 19 sets of Sany pumping machinery, excavation machinery, road machinery, piling machinery, port machinery and crawler crane machinery were exhibited. 72m boom pump truck

in the French INTERMAT exhibition, the Sany booth is located in the E5 and E9 outdoor exhibition areas, with a total exhibition area of 5000 square meters. 19 sets of Sany pumping machinery, excavation machinery, road machinery, piling machinery, port machinery and crawler crane machinery were exhibited

72m boom pump truck

72m, a concentrated display of innovative technology

sy5650thb 72 pump truck, which first appeared in the world, has a unique 5-SECTION boom design and is the longest boom in the world; The pumping capacity per hour reaches 230 cubic meters, which is the fastest pumping vehicle in the world; The 6-axle chassis is innovatively adopted, the length of the whole vehicle is only 17.26m, the floor space is greatly reduced, the site adaptability is improved, and the construction requirements of narrow sites are met; At the same time, the pump truck adopts the latest lightweight materials, which greatly reduces the weight of the pump truck, especially the boom, and improves the construction stability

72m pump truck not only has the advantages of long boom and fast pumping speed, but also adopts advanced boom control technology. The boom can be automatically retracted and released to avoid manual misoperation. When the pump truck is working, it can control the movement of the boom in the set area, optimize the force on the boom and oil cylinder, improve the service life of the boom and effectively avoid the dangerous area

Yi Xiaogang, executive president of Sany Heavy Industries, said that the breakthrough of the 72m pump truck in large-scale mechanical intelligent control technology lies in the integration of equipment manufacturing technology and modern information technology. The outrigger, boom, transmission and control system of this pump truck are permeated with Sany's Transcendence in pumping technology

technological innovation leads the market

the Sany 6 categories of products displayed on the same stage with the 72m pump truck represent the advanced level in their respective fields. Sany pump truck series products are equipped with Sany's original SYMC special controller, with computer energy-saving control technology, which can realize automatic power matching, with an average energy saving of 20%. At the same time, there are also HBT series drag pumps that have created a series of world records for vertical pumping of concrete by single pump; SCC series hydraulic crawler crane with international advanced hydraulic control technology, energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection; Pq160c grader with the world's first full hydraulic drive technology; SR series rotary drilling rig capable of one machine for multiple purposes; Sy210c excavator, which made outstanding contributions to Sichuan earthquake; Adopt industrial classic design and beautiful port machinery. These products have become the leaders in the world construction machinery industry. In the past two years, they have been favored by customers all over the world, and their market share has been rising

"made in China" entered Europe

in May, 2006, TUV issued CE certification to 9 types of concrete pumping machinery products of Sany group. Sany group's concrete pumping products, which represent the highest level in China's industry, have fully opened the door to the European market. Sany group is the first in the industry in China to pass the CE certification recognized by a third-party certification body. The hbt60c-1816d Ⅲ C towing pump in this exhibition is the first product in China that has passed the CE certification of a third party for the pressure bearing capacity of high-grade office chairs, strollers and toy cars

since then, nearly 60 types of products in 11 categories under Sany can minimize energy input and have passed CE certification. Sany equipment in this exhibition has passed CE certification and has been sold in the European market. All electrical components of its products are configured according to CE requirements, which fully ensures the high reliability of the electrical system and meets the European and American phase III emission standards

the French INTERMAT exhibition is one of the three major international exhibitions in the construction machinery industry. It is as famous as Bauma in Germany and conexpo-con/agg in the United States. It is held every three years to show the world's most advanced construction machinery and equipment, products, services and technologies. The exhibition will be held in the exhibition center of North Villepin in Paris for 6 days. It is expected that 1500 exhibitors and 200000 professional visitors will attend the exhibition. (yutianyu)

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