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The world's largest polyoxymethylene factory opened in Frankfurt September 29, 2011 - Celanese (NYSE Code: CE), the world's leading chemical technology and special materials company and the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance engineering plastics, recently announced that its world-class Polyoxymethylene (POM) production plant in Hearst Industrial Park in Frankfurt, Germany, was officially opened

the newly built polyoxymethylene plant in Celanese has a rated capacity of 140000 tons per year, will become the largest polyoxymethylene plant in the world, and will strengthen the company's tycona high-performance polymer business, including improving its global operation and advanced technical capacity. The new production facilities can meet the growing global demand for innovative specialty polymer product solutions

in combination with China's national conditions, "today is a milestone for Celanese and tecona, because we have ushered in the world's most advanced POM factory with more than 4600 kinds of billing products," said Michael Stubblefield, general manager of tecona business, "The plant has greatly strengthened tycona's global business, expanded production capacity, and further improved our ability to develop innovative solutions for customers, which will lay a foundation for tycona's long-term development."

attending the opening ceremony of Celanese new factory in Hearst Industrial Park in Frankfurt on that day were: Mr. bouffer, governor of Hesse, Germany, Mr. Dave Weidman, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Celanese, and celebrities from various administrative regions and local governments

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