The world's largest X-ray laser is put into use in

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The world's largest X-ray laser was put into use in Germany

europeanxfel (European X-ray free electron laser), the world's largest X-ray laser, was officially put into use in Hamburg metropolitan area on the 1st. There are 11 European 5. Set low temperature: see the operation manual of TCC intelligent temperature controller. Countries have participated in the research and development of this laser with a cost of 1.22 billion euros

it is reported that europeanxfel is the largest laser facility in the world: it can emit up to 27000 pulses per second, and its brightness is onebillion times higher than that of the traditional synchrotron light source. The successful research and development of lasers has opened up a new research field and helped to break through the boundaries of current scientific knowledge. Research teams from all over the world can not only solve the mystery of virus and cell atomic structure by using laser, but also make three-dimensional images in nanoparticles, record chemical reactions and observe the reaction process inside the particles. The above research results are helpful to the research and development of new drugs and new materials

Johanna Vanka, Minister of the Federal Ministry of scientific research of Germany, Olaf Scholz, the first mayor of Hamburg, Carlin prien, Minister of the Ministry of science of Schloss, Andre fulsenk, adviser to the Russian President, Frederic Weddell, Minister of the French Ministry of scientific research and other representatives of various countries attended the opening ceremony on the same day and expressed condolences to the first batch of foreign scientific researchers. This group of researchers has been put into the first test, which will start in mid September

europeanxfel Institute (European X-ray free electron laser) is a non-profit scientific research institution, which cooperates closely with desy and other international institutions. The Institute has more than 300 employees. Europeanxfel laser construction and post commissioning cost 12 The most common items tested by universal testing machine are tensile strength and tensile modulus, flexural strength and modulus of 200million euros. The length of European X-ray free electron laser is 3.4 kilometers, and it passes through Hamburg directly to shihezhou. At present, 11 countries have participated in the construction of the project, including Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain and Hungary. The UK is applying to join the research project

Hamburg said that as the capital of German scientific research and economy, the first show of X-ray laser europeanxfel in Hamburg helped to enhance the city's international innovation competitiveness

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