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"African opportunity" brings such reasons to China's plastic machinery industry. The color difference produced is easy to determine the broad prospects.

at present, China's plastic machinery manufacturers have more than 600, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises. The proportion of China's plastic machinery products and plastic machinery equipment exported to Africa is 12.64% (2009), 9.8% (2010) and 9.41% (2011), respectively, The rapid development of the African market and the rapid growth of the demand for plastic machine products have made it an emerging market that has attracted much attention in the international plastic field. At the same time, it undoubtedly provides a broad market for Chinese plastic machine enterprises that are in the process of upgrading

in fact, the pace of Chinese plastic machine enterprises entering Africa has been taken as early as a few years ago. Compared with European and American plastic machine brands famous for high quality and precision, the main competitive advantages of Chinese plastic machine products are competitive price and constantly improving quality. The price of machinery exported from Western European countries to China is very different from that of Chinese made equipment exported from China to other countries. The price of imported injection molding machines is three times higher than that of Chinese made machines, while the price of imported extruders and granulators is 30 times higher. For emerging markets such as Africa, equipment with qualified quality and low price is more in line with market demand

John, the organizer of the South African Industrial Technology Expo Thomson believes that the growth of the African middle class and the continuous growth of its disposable income are the main reasons why Africa has become an important emerging market for the world's plastic industry. Expectations for Africa have never been so optimistic, for two main reasons. First, Africa is the fastest urbanizing continent in the world. Second, its rapidly expanding middle class (300million middle class in a population of more than 1billion) represents a huge consumption power

China's plastic machine products are mainly exported to developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. PLLA surgical suture has been approved by FDA in the urban area. In recent three years, the amount of plastic machine equipment exported to Asia, Africa and Latin America accounted for more than 80% of the total plastic machine equipment exports in the same period. Among them, the share of plastic machine equipment exported to Africa was 12.64% (2009), 9.8% (2010) and 9.41% (2011), respectively, which did not include parts sales, equipment upgrading and equipment replenishment for the current production line

at present, Chinese plastic machinery enterprises have entered Africa through the export of 2-yuan cascade freon refrigeration system and parts composed of a set of imported semi closed compressor, the establishment of offices, the establishment of plastic products factories in Africa, the establishment of plastic machinery factories and other ways, and the establishment of wholly-owned or joint venture companies. For Chinese plastic machinery enterprises, only by actively developing products suitable for the African market, constantly updating technology, and paying attention to product after-sales service can they make better use of the African market to achieve their own development

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