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From the data, we can see the opportunities of bill printing market

China's tax invoice printing accounts for a high proportion of bill printing output value, and tax invoice is a product with high added value. Therefore, enterprises may ignore the business scope and essence of bill printing industry. It is worth mentioning that tickets, volumes, books, certificates, cards and other products in commercial activities are of concern to bill operators. Products include express orders, customs declarations, income tax and other tax base related bills, insurance policies and premium notices, cheques, promissory notes, bills and statements, envelopes, self-adhesive bill products, labels and RFID, real estate certificates, ID cards, lottery tickets, tickets, air tickets, boarding passes, tickets Luggage tags, industrial and commercial and other certificates, examination papers, admission cards, medicine bags, medical related bills, paper cards and smart cards, direct mail products, anti-counterfeiting products and other securities, as well as document management and bill extension related services

from 2002 to 2005, the digital age and the access of digital services to relevant page information services have come, and the importance of anti-counterfeiting printing and security printing has increased. In 2004, China began to implement the public bidding system, and the bill printing industry opened a whole book. Soft materials with a long elongation after break, such as thin films, are beginning to face price competition and the change of designated factories. Therefore, in the long-term business development, the bill printing industry should not avoid problems such as the construction of business strategies, thinking of danger in safety and moving towards transformation

bill operators expand their business space and enter the fields of packaging, labeling, digital integration related services and solutions (such as on-demand printing, digital publishing, electronic billing, personalized services, direct mail services, smart cards, RFID solutions), etc. it is worth thinking about

the bill industry is not just doing tax tickets. Enterprises should think about it carefully and consider accumulating in the same industry with their own advantages. Today, there are still many bright spots and opportunities in China's bill printing industry. The following data are for reference

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