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There is an opportunity for domestic electric vehicles. Norway will no longer sell fuel vehicles in 2025

Abstract: our goal is that by 2025, none of the new vehicles on the market will be fuel vehicles, which means that we need a large number of electric vehicles

although China is the largest electric vehicle market, foreign markets are also paying more and more attention. As reported yesterday, the Norwegian delegation said in Shenzhen that Norway needs a large number of electric vehicles and will no longer sell fuel vehicles after 2025. Therefore, it is possible that Chinese electric vehicles will come and domestic electric vehicles will have a larger market

Norway has the largest number of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles per capita in the world. Although the total population of Norway is only 5million, the number of electric vehicles in the world is second only to the United States, China and other populous countries. By the end of last year, Norway had more than 100000 electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, accounting for 10% of the world

a member of the delegation said that electric vehicles can enjoy tax relief, parking is also free, and they can park on public lanes. Another important factor is the steady growth in the number of charging piles

however, at present, some voices in Norway have begun to question whether these huge investment incentive policies should continue to be implemented because they have brought endless opportunities for the functional lightweight structure in appearance automobile parts. Discussions have begun at the level of the Norwegian Parliament

the person said that the questioning began after the car was truly electrified. "These incentive policies have lasted for 15 years, but 10 or 5 years ago, there were not so many electric vehicles on the market. At that time, although there was a tax reduction policy, consumers' interest was not strong. However, Tesla (360.75, -10.4 in line with the national standard for steel pipe scaffold fasteners before processing) (gb15831 ⑵ 006) After entering the Norwegian market, everything changed. Latus is very fashionable and expensive, but if you buy it in Norway, you only need to pay half of the market price because of the preferential tax policies. 7. The power supply voltage must be accurate when using it; So many people buy it. "

he added: "many people say that we should not subsidize luxury cars. However, we have previously promised that the incentive policy will continue until 2020. In addition, many electric vehicles occupy public passages, affecting public transport, which has caused people's dissatisfaction. They don't want the bus lanes to be occupied by too many private electric vehicles."

although there are doubts about subsidies in Norway, it is still an indisputable fact that electric vehicles are popular in the country. Norway is rapidly transforming from traditional vehicles to electric vehicles

he said, "one third of the new cars sold in Norway this year are pure electric vehicles or hybrid electric vehicles. Our goal is that by 2025, none of the new cars sold in the market will be fuel vehicles, which means that we need a large number of electric vehicles. However, there is no electric vehicle manufacturer in Norway, so Chinese enterprises like BYD have great potential in the Norwegian market."

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