The hottest opportunities and challenges coexist.

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Opportunities and challenges coexist. How should traditional glass enterprises make efforts

in this era of personality, the consumer oriented glass industry with a personalized business model is like a clear flow of representative enterprises, scientific research institutions and industry associations in the above-mentioned 10 fields, which is popular in the market of the whole glass environment. With the advantages of paying more attention to the diversity of research and development models, paying more attention to the design and planning of household details, and serving consumers intimately, the overall glass has set off a strong upsurge in the whole industry

why is personalized glass so hot under the imbalance of supply and demand

as the mainstream consumer groups' pursuit of quality life is getting higher and higher, the requirements for home life have gone far. These avant-garde and unique inflatable seats are not only to achieve functions, but also to explore new ways and highlight personality consumption concepts, dare to break through innovative ways of thinking, and have a better understanding of the appearance, design sense Product quality and other personalized needs are also extremely strong. In this situation, personalized glass can best meet consumer demand

compared with finished furniture, glass not only has the advantage of being deployable in terms of space utilization, but also can be transformed according to the actual situation of the wardrobe in terms of function, which meets the needs of consumers for home functions to a certain extent. At the same time, the cost advantage integrated by the current digital customization makes the scale and informatization go hand in hand, conforms to the new business model of combining standardization and large-scale production, and makes the capital turnover of enterprises faster

therefore, even if the supply and demand are unbalanced in the general environment, personalized glass meets the two-way needs of glass enterprises and consumers. Personalized glass is hot, which is a normal situation

the market is yet to mature. Personalized glass is facing difficulties.

glass has only been developed in China for more than ten years, and the whole market operation mode is not mature. Although the personalized mode makes the product have a new look in terms of style design and function, it is also difficult to block the similarity of glass

now the stair market is seriously homogenized, the competition mechanism is imperfect, the R & D is lack of creativity, and plagiarism is common. It presents an embarrassing situation of "using standardized talents with a small part of personalized design". In addition, the plagiarism caused by its design and collocation is difficult to be clearly defined in the initial stage. First, affected by the overall environment, the leaders' awareness of patent protection is not enough. Second, the scale and energy of the enterprise are limited, and it is impossible to understand the market situation in an all-round way. According to the survey, some consumers said that "personalized customization is almost the same, and it's OK to compare the price", which makes it clear that the current personalized glass market is yet to mature

each stage of personalized glass contains specific popular trends, which requires that our entire production process should have a certain update iteration efficiency. Relevant experts pointed out that nowadays, the cost of manpower and raw materials for stairs is increasing year by year, and the requirements of market consumption are higher and higher. At high cost, it is inevitable that the customization process is not equal to the market price in terms of material and communication costs, resulting in the embarrassment of failing to achieve the expected results

personalized glass has huge development space under difficulties and challenges

when an industry encounters difficulties and challenges, breakthroughs and innovative development will be derived. From the perspective of the overall demand for personalized customized furniture in the future, the demand will rise sharply, and there is still huge development space for personalized glass in the future

fine decoration, reasonable layout and utilization of space are a development trend, which will promote consumers to improve their requirements for the appearance, quality and performance of personalized glass. This also forces glass standard reference conditions, also known as standard experimental conditions, glass enterprises to increase the research and development of customized products and market development, use new technology and interconnection to improve the cost performance of products, and achieve win-win cooperation of brands

the extension of glass products is undoubtedly inevitable. With the improvement of quality of life, in the future, personalized glass with a stronger sense of personalized design and a higher degree of environmental protection will replace finished glass as the mainstream products, and continue to develop in the direction of high-quality and popular consumption. These companies, including Hindustan Airlines Limited (HAL)

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