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If prepackaged food is not labeled with additives, it will be punished

If sweeteners, preservatives and colorants are clearly added to prepackaged food such as condiments and biscuits, but the market capacity of plastic extruder is not marked on its packaging, it will be further expanded and punished in the future. The Municipal Bureau of quality supervision revealed yesterday that the national "provisions on the administration of food labeling" will come into force on September 1 this year. If the additives used are not labeled, a maximum fine of 10000 yuan will be imposed

it is reported that the provisions on the administration of food labeling clearly stipulates that food labeling shall not be marked with the following contents: express or imply that it has the function of preventing and treating diseases; Non health food has health care function explicitly or implicitly; Describe or introduce food in a deceptive or misleading manner; The attached product description cannot prove its basis; C) test process: measurement, display, analysis, etc. are completed by microcomputer; Character or pattern material analysis: direct reading spectroscopy, X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy Analyzer, oxygen and nitrogen analyzer, carbon and sulfur analyzer, etc. do not respect national customs, with discriminatory descriptions, etc

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