The hottest preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games

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Preparing for the 2020 Olympic Games, Tokyo will comprehensively upgrade its night scene lighting

this measure is to promote night tourism for foreign tourists. In cooperation with the central government and other units, the Tokyo municipal government plans to start lighting up about 30 public facilities, standardize lighting and take measures to reduce "light pollution"

add more lighting points

according to a survey by the Japan development bank and other units, many visiting foreign tourists have fully implemented the tax reduction arrangement of the free trade zone on Japan's traditional culture, popular culture and food; Guide enterprises to expand imports from members of the free trade zone; Continue to implement the zero tariff treatment of preferential goods in the least developed countries, which has a high evaluation, but a low evaluation of the nightlife in Japan

in order to enhance the attraction of "Tokyo Night", the Tokyo government selected three tourist attractions and site areas with concentrated population in Tokyo as the main lighting areas in March. These three undeniable areas are near Tokyo station and Huangju; Yutian River and coastal area; And near Akasaka and Gayne

at present, there are 28 main lighting places in these three regions, which is expected to double by fy2020

in the landscape planning to be revised this summer, the Tokyo municipal government plans to include night scenery for the first time, and promote the lighting of residential areas and tourist attractions according to the location

color brightness will be coordinated

the Tokyo municipal government plans to use the project in Marunouchi, central Tokyo, as a reference to illuminate buildings in harmony with the entire urban landscape

in 2009, the Tokyo regional development management committee drafted a guide on lighting, which set the standards of color and brightness, and required that the upper part of the building in the Marunouchi area in front of the Tokyo station should refer to the warm tone lighting of the metal sheet at the top of the experimental machine, which should be coordinated with the lighting of the station building

when a new building is installed with too bright lighting and loses the product image and shopping mall, the committee will ask the building operator to cooperate and solve the matter

Atsuhiko Kinjo, 56, said proudly, "we often hear that the atmosphere of the whole town has been improved by moderate lighting."

seek appropriate brightness

excessive lighting may have negative effects on animals and plants, such as hindering the growth of rice plants and causing "light pollution"

in view of this, the Tokyo municipal government plans to include a requirement in its landscape plan that companies conducting lighting projects must adopt appropriate brightness to prevent light pollution

in addition to lighting facilities, it is also planned to set minimum lighting requirements in natural areas so that people can see stars

Nobuaki ochi, an associate professor at Toyo University, said, "I hope to take more measures to make people aware that lighting may cause harm"

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