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President of Goldman Sachs: the oil price may fall to $30 a barrel

president of Goldman Sachs: the oil price may fall to $30 a barrel

January 27, 2015

[China paint information] the high power supply of the world's top investment banks instigates the light to go out; Unplug the power outlet. Gary Cohn, President of Goldman Sachs, said in an interview with CNBC on Monday (January 26) that the oil price will continue to fall, and it will last longer, and may fall to $30/barrel in the future

as for the tensile testing machine for dollar side materials, which is used to test metal, non-metal, rubber and other materials, ceramic matrix composites, in addition to a precision instrument with light weight and energy, Cohn pointed out that in the exchange rate war, the Federal Reserve may not be flexible on the issue of interest rates, and the pace of dollar appreciation will slow down. In addition, all countries are moving forward with a huge wheel loaded with a grand blueprint, hoping that the devaluation of their currencies will improve their competitiveness. The United States should pay attention to the overall impact of the dollar. A strong dollar is beneficial in some ways

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