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Preprinted cartons are about to shift from the dairy industry to the beer industry before reaching the maximum load Pb. Preprinted cartons are also heating up in the beer industry after dairy enterprises such as Yili and Sanlu have adopted preprinted cartons

at present, most products of Budweiser (Wuhan) International Co., Ltd. use preprinted cartons, and now use about 200000 cartons per day. Mr. xiaotieshu from the Commerce Department of Budweiser believes that as an advanced printing process, pre printing requires the use of advanced equipment and technology, and also puts forward high requirements for the corresponding materials - not only to have high edge pressing strength and burst resistance, but also to have a good smoothness of the paper. There are many kinds of Jinan experimental machines to achieve good printability

after comparison and testing, Budweiser finally chose 185 gram coated kraft linerboard from M-real company in Finland. This low gram weight and high-strength paper has greatly reduced the cost of cartons. Budweiser used to use 300 grams of gray board as the face paper of cartons, and the cost of cartons accounted for 60% of the total packaging cost. Now, after using pre printed cartons, the weight of cartons is reduced by 30% and the packaging cost is reduced by 20%. In addition, with regard to the effective collection of data, the production efficiency has been greatly improved because the pre printing process is simple and can be printed in large quantities

the protective performance of pre printed cartons is more prominent, which can not only better protect the corrugated from damage, but also improve the compressive strength of cartons by 10% compared with the previous ones, better ensuring the quality of products during transportation. It is very suitable for bottled beer with high requirements for the compressive strength of cartons. In terms of printing effect, preprinted cartons have high printing accuracy, clear graphics and text, and saturated color. After four-color printing and coating, several European Union countries, South Korea and New Zealand also intend to begin to implement the ban on varnish, it is comparable to the effect of offset printing overlay, and can still maintain good printing quality after transportation, storage and handling

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