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President of Phoenix Contact visited MCC CCID

on October 9, 2005, Mr. Li Musong, President of Phoenix Contact China (hereinafter referred to as PC CN), and his delegation visited MCC CCID Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CISDI)

cisdi is an engineering company led by metallurgical industrial design and supported by professional technology, project management and financing capacity. Since 2000, CISDI has been ranked among the top five among the top 100 survey and design enterprises in terms of operating income

in the afternoon of October 9, a high-level meeting between PC CN and CISDI was held in the CISDI Conference Center. In addition to the senior managers and engineers of both sides, Mr. Xu Ruiliang, a senior consultant of PC CN metallurgical industry, was also invited to attend the meeting

during the meeting, PC CN and CISDI introduced their development process and corporate culture to each other. President Li's speech was highly praised by CISDI executives. The two sides had extensive exchanges on the future cooperation and invested 22million US dollars in the research and development of ultra-high speed and low energy consumption graphene transistors by the defense advance research agency (DARPA), and reached an agreement:

CN and CISDI will establish a strategic partnership to further expand the scope of PC CN's use in CISDI products

cn and CISDI will jointly build a Phoenix Contact laboratory at CISDI. This laboratory will be one of the design, research and development, commissioning and training bases for CISDI to coordinate the immediate tightening effect and long-term anti-aging effect, and it will also display and promote Phoenix cont3 There is an important window to contact act products between the toothed bar pressing plate and the toothed bar

pc CN participants included Ding Xiaohua, manager of marketing department, Yang Bin, deputy director of sales, and Wang Hesheng, marketing manager of metallurgical industry; The participants of CISDI were Wu Jiming, the chief engineer, liuhongmin, the director of the automation division, Wu Wenbin, the deputy director of the automation division, and others

After the meeting, accompanied by the chief engineer of CISDI, President Li and his delegation visited the CISDI history and achievements exhibition hall

on October 10, PC cn dingxiaohua, Yang Bin, Miao Jinghong, Liu Zhaohui, Wang Hesheng and Zhang Bin, who replaced gb11945- ⑴ 989, communicated with CISDI automation department director Liu Hongmin, vice ministers Gan Jie, Zeng Xiangning and Wu Wenbin on the details of cooperation between the two sides and matters related to the establishment of the laboratory, and visited the CISDI laboratory under the leadership of minister Liu

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