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Pre printed anti-counterfeiting transfer film

patent application No.: 4

it has passed the preliminary examination

a pressure-sensitive and thermal preprint anti-counterfeiting film, referred to as preprint anti-counterfeiting transfer film for short. It is our pleasure to cooperate with the team of innovative engineers from idasso and Chery. It is to pre print various patterns of anti-counterfeiting ink on the transfer film for many times, so that it has multiple anti-counterfeiting effects, and then transfer it to the substrate in a pressure-sensitive or heat sensitive manner; 6. Most of the swing failure is due to the loose electromechanical belt, which is widely involved in the industry, making the product packaging and printing have beautiful multiple anti-counterfeiting effects, and at the same time, it is extremely convenient to use. For example, on the printed matter, there is a red yellow crane tower pattern that has been pressure-sensitive transferred. Many letters of "WD" have been engraved on it by laser. It can be seen by the naked eye. After being heated, the red disappears and the words "Wuda" at the bottom appear. When observed with an infrared lens, the words "printing brush system" appear. The anti-counterfeiting transfer mold integrates temperature change anti-counterfeiting, laser anti-counterfeiting and infrared anti-counterfeiting on a map, and can be transferred to the substrate only once in a pressure-sensitive or heat sensitive way, which greatly improves the difficulty of product counterfeiting. In addition, there is a preprint anti-counterfeiting transfer film that integrates multiple anti-counterfeiting functions such as UV and light change, which can greatly protect goods, so as to suggest operators to work on rubber insulation pads, which is conducive to market competition

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