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President Hu Jintao said that the joint venture between Schneider and Delixi is "strong combination and complementary advantages"

on November 6, President Hu Jintao, who visited France, and his delegation visited the Carlos center of Schneider Electric Group. Hu Chengzhong, chairman of the board of directors of Delixi Group, who was with the delegation, reported to Hu Jintao on the joint venture with Schneider

Delixi Group was a joint venture with Schneider Electric Group of France three years ago. This time, relevant departments specially invited Hu Chengzhong to visit France with the delegation. The Carlos center of Schneider Electric Group, located in the Carlos eco technology park north of nice, is a highly modernized automatic chemical plant of Schneider Electric Group, and is the only enterprise visited by Hu Jintao during his stay in France. On the morning of November 6, Hu Chengzhong came to the Carlos center early to meet President Hu Jintao with Zhao Guohua, global president of Schneider Electric Group, and others. At 9:50 local time, Hu Jintao and his party arrived at the Carlos center with better battery performance and more subsidies. President Hu shook hands with Hu Chengzhong cordially and asked with concern about the situation after the joint venture with Schneider. Hu Chengzhong reported to Jintao, a lithium battery cathode material invested and produced by Hu Yicheng Xinneng at the end of 2015. Over the past three years, Delixi Electric Company has introduced advanced management and technology, and its sales revenue, profits and taxes have increased significantly. Hu Jintao nodded frequently and said: This is a combination of strong and complementary strengths

Schneider's connection with China can be traced back to the first half of the last century. Comrade Deng Xiaoping worked in Schneider's rolling mill during the semester of working hard and frugal in France. In order to speed up the pace of internationalization, Delixi Group and Schneider Electric Group jointly established Delixi Electric Company in November 2007 after more than two years of negotiation. On November 27 of the same year, visiting French President Nicolas Sarkozy met with Hu Chengzhong and 10 other famous Chinese entrepreneurs on the 6th floor of No. 18 thebund in Shanghai, and expressed support for the strategic cooperation between Delixi Group and Schneider. In recent years, Rahman, the former global president of Schneider Electric Group, and Zhao Guohua, the current global president of Schneider Electric Group, have visited the Wenzhou headquarters of Delixi Group several times, strengthening the cooperation between the two sides and enhancing the friendship. At the beginning of this year, the CCTV finance and economics channel broadcast a dialogue program between Hu Chengzhong and several senior staff members of Schneider Electric Group with the title of "modern upgrading of a private enterprise", which fully affirmed the successful experience of strategic cooperation between the two sides

President Hu Jintao, accompanied by Zhao Guohua and Hu Chengzhong, visited the Carlos center with a certain number of times that of the unit, and cordially met with representatives of the French Chinese Committee. The French Chinese Committee, established in 1979, is a specialized agency under the French employers' association responsible for cooperation with Chinese business circles. The current president is Zhao Guohua. Hu Jintao delivered a brief speech at the meeting, praising the French Chinese Committee for actively bridging the cooperation between enterprises of the two countries and making positive contributions to the development of Sino French economic and trade cooperation and Sino French relations over the past 30 years. Hu Jintao said that the Chinese government will unswervingly implement the opening-up strategy of mutual benefit and win-win results, which will provide a better market investment environment for foreign-funded enterprises. It is hoped that French enterprises will explore more products required by the Chinese market and expand their investment in China

Hu Chengzhong was very excited about President Hu Jintao's affirmation of the strategic cooperation between Delixi and Schneider. That night, he called the group head in Liushi, Wenzhou, and instructed him to continue to do a good job in joint venture work, solve problems such as capacity expansion, and strive to build Delixi Electric into an electrical enterprise with the largest sales volume in China

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