Auxiliary machinery of the hottest forging machine

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Auxiliary machinery of forging machinery

auxiliary machinery of forging machinery: mainly including various forging hammers, various presses and other auxiliary machinery

forging hammer is produced by heavy hammer falling or forced high-speed movement for your reference: kinetic energy, a machine that does work on the blank to make it plastic deformation. Forging hammer is the most common and oldest forging machine. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, flexible operation, wide application range and easy maintenance, and is suitable for free forging and die forging that may cause noise due to equipment aging. However, due to the large vibration, it is difficult to realize automatic production

mechanical press is driven by crank connecting rod or elbow bar mechanism, cam mechanism and screw mechanism. It works smoothly, has high precision, good operating conditions and high productivity. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation, and is suitable for working on automatic lines. The number of mechanical presses ranks first among all kinds of forging machines

various wire forming automata such as cold heading machine, flat forging machine, screw press, radial forging machine, most bending machines, straightening machines and shearing machines also have transmission mechanisms similar to mechanical press, which can be said to be a derivative series of mechanical press

hydraulic press is a forging machine that transmits working pressure with high-pressure liquid (oil, emulsion, etc.). The stroke of the hydraulic press is variable and can send out the maximum working force at any position. The hydraulic press works smoothly, without vibration, and is easy to reach a large forging depth. It is most suitable for the forging of large forgings and the deep drawing, packaging and pressing of large-size plates. Hydraulic press mainly includes hydraulic press and hydraulic press. Some bending, straightening and shearing machines also belong to the hydraulic press

rotary forging press is a forging machine combining forging and rolling. On the rotary forging press, the deformation process is completed by the gradual expansion of local deformation, so the deformation resistance is small, the machine quality is small, and in fact, the extruder also has the trend of demand growth. It is stable, vibration free, and easy to realize automation. Because some electronic parts and circuit boards are very sensitive to static electricity. Roll forging machine, forming rolling machine, plate rolling machine, multi roll straightening machine, rolling machine, spinning machine, etc. all belong to rotary forging machine

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