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Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus have raised tariffs on ceramic tableware, and Chinese ceramic enterprises have been "shut down"

for Chinese ceramic tableware enterprises, these days have been really leaky and rainy at night. Brazil just imposed high anti-dumping duties on Chinese ceramic tableware on July 30. Within a month, the customs union composed of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus will impose safeguard tariffs on imported ceramic tableware. Chinese related enterprises, which account for 83% of the imported ceramic tableware of the customs union, have been shut down in the two heavyweight emerging markets of Brazil and Russia at the same time. Insiders believe that the export industry of Chinese ceramic tableware is in danger

according to the report of Tass News Agency on August 27, the Ministerial Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission passed a resolution to impose safeguard tariffs on porcelain tableware from September 29, 2013

according to the resolution, from September 29, 2013 to September 28, 2014, the tariff of safeguard measures was 1479 US dollars/ton; From September 29, 2014 to September 28, 2015, it was 1035.3 dollars/ton; From September 29, 2015 to September 28, 2016, it was $591.6/ton

China and Ukraine are the major importers of porcelain tableware in the customs union, of which Chinese products account for 83% of the total imports of porcelain tableware in the customs union

the case was launched on September 3, 2012. In, the import volume of porcelain tableware of the customs union increased by 70.2%. In, the demand for porcelain tableware increased by 49.5%, while the local product production and sales segment decreased by 2.8% and 2.9%

it is reported that the price of imported products is significantly lower than that of customs union products, resulting in the reduction of market share of customs union enterprises

insiders said that a large number of Chinese ceramic tableware enterprises are exported to the Customs Union market composed of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Therefore, the imposition of safeguard tariffs by the customs union will make a large number of Chinese ceramic tableware enterprises face difficulties

it was learned that recently, Brazil announced the preliminary result of anti-dumping against Chinese ceramic tableware and decided to impose 1 A provisional anti-dumping duty of US $66/kg. The amount involved in this case exceeds 70million US dollars. A total of more than 1000 Chinese ceramic export enterprises have been affected and will have to consider withdrawing from the Brazilian market

the China Ceramic Industry Association quickly converted a/d into digital signals and sent them to the computer for data processing. It was revealed that on December 26, 2012, Pakistan believed that the price of ceramic tableware imported from China was much lower than that of local products, and launched an anti-dumping investigation on such Chinese goods. On July 29 this year, Brazil announced the preliminary findings of the anti-dumping case of ceramic tableware, with a tax rate of 1 $66/kg. From July 30, Pakistan will levy provisional anti-dumping duties at the above rate until the final determination

according to the China Ceramic Industry Association, daily-use ceramics are the necessities of ordinary people. Due to the low degree of mechanization, it is a typical labor-intensive industry, which requires a large number of cheap labor to produce. As the world's largest country in the production of daily-use ceramics, China exports more than 10% overseas, and has a great dependence on overseas production

an official from the Information Department of the China Ceramic Industry Association said that the punitive tax rate imposed this time was undoubtedly a fatal blow to Chinese enterprises exporting to Brazil. Due to the low consumption in Brazil, the ceramic tableware exported from China to Brazil are mainly white porcelain and stoneware, which are cheap and have low profit margin. The official said that the ceramic tableware exported to Brazil, except for a small number of products with high added value, generally sells for a few cents to $2, but the profit is relatively high yuan, which is equivalent to enterprises having to bear a punitive tax rate of more than 230%, and export enterprises will have to consider exiting the Brazilian market

it is also reported that in recent years, South Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Brazil, Argentina and the European Union have fully suppressed China's ceramic exports by loading samples from the East, South and West through the movement of the beam of the experimental machine. Among them, Indonesia has begun to impose an anti-dumping duty of 87% on China's ceramic tableware; The European Union, South Korea and Thailand have imposed anti-dumping duties of up to 69.7% on Chinese ceramic tiles. Some analysts believe that the loss of the market one by one means that the door of China's ceramic export is slowly being closed

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