Russia will set up its first petrochemical joint v

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Russia will set up the first petrochemical joint venture

Russia will set up the first petrochemical joint venture

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July 27, Siberia Ukraine, one of the largest petrochemical companies in Russia, is a non active control professional experimenter. Lars Petrochemical aligns the edge of the swing rod with the inner scribed line. The fixed company (abbreviated as "Xiwu Petrochemical Company") and BASF of Germany decided to establish a Russian German petrochemical joint venture in Russia, which will be the first joint venture with foreign countries in the Russian petrochemical industry

According to the situation, Germany chose BASF to produce a variety of chemical products, including plastics, dyes, automotive and industrial coatings, agricultural and

daily chemical products, with sales of 35.9 billion euros in 2000. In June, the company inspected many enterprises of Xiwu petrochemical company. The two companies decided to set up a working group first, formulate specific cooperation plans, select

select bases, and formulate investment budgets

it is reported that in June, the two sides decided to produce foam polystyrene and its products first. In addition, the two sides also discussed the production of caprolactam for plastic bottles and packaging materials

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