Russia will temporarily cancel HDPE import tariff

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Russia will temporarily cancel the import tariff of HDPE

no hard objects are allowed to touch. In order to overcome this problem, the Russian Ministry of industry and trade announced that it will temporarily cancel the import tariff of HDPE (high density polyethylene) for 9 months. This is the result of mutual compromise between the Russian pipeline industry and the government

it is reported that the cancellation of HDPE import tariffs was proposed by the Russian pipeline industry development foundation to protect the interests of pipeline manufacturers. The reason is that the demand for HDPE in Russia is increasing day by day, while the domestic supply is limited, and the production cost of plastic pipelines will increase significantly. However, this proposal was opposed by local HDPE producers in Russia. In order to balance the interests of all parties, the Russian Ministry of industry and trade has held many meetings and demanded reasonable solutions. The final result is that both sides of the interest take a step back, and Russia temporarily cancels the import tariff of HDPE for 9 months

the total import volume of HDPE in Russia in 2013 was 73800 tons, a large part of which came from Nordic chemical industry. For this result, Nordic chemical industry and Russian plastic pipe manufacturers will become the biggest beneficiaries in the coming months

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