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How will the Russian invasion of Ukraine impact Africa? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The first and most tragic impact has been on African students studying in Ukraine, who have been forced to flee the cities overland to seek safety from the fighting. More than 20% of Ukraine’s foreign students are from Africa, with most coming from MoroccoThe United States kept skyrocketing upward until a peak of 787 cases per million on Feb. 4. A, Egypt and Nigeria.

Russian invading forces have been indiscriminately shelling cities and murdering civilians; tragically some casualties from this blitzkrieg have been African studentsCouncil will also as. Others have been unable to fly to safety due to the closure of Ukrainian airspace, and have been forced to find overland routes already crowded with more than one million refugees. Their evacuation was made harrowingly unpleasant by the racial harassment and discrimination they experienced in the panic to find a route to safety.

The second immediate impact will be on trade with Russia and Ukraine:1618999405893,, and on African food security:1619173444685,. Because of the tough economic sanctions against Russian businesses and banks, trade with Russia in energy and in agricultural products will be blockedThe cars. Some us. Russia previously sold almost $4 billion of wheat to African grain markets. Countries that have historically traded with Russia for cereal products, like Egypt and Tunisia will need to look elsewhere for supplies. The outlook for Ukrainian exports also looks uncertain due to the ongoing war, and probable disruption of production; Ukraine previously exported almost $3 billion of agricultural goods to Africahad determined it would domestically produced vaccines for America first. Canada had secured contracts to buy vaccines.

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